If you are on the Performers list:

As we sometimes have more performers than time allotted, we are eliminating the waitlist and we will now be using a random drawing to create our playlist schedule. Each player will draw a number and the number they draw will determine their performance time. So if you draw #5 you will be the fifth to perform. If you draw #7 you will play 7th.


Each player will get 15 minutes to perform so if you draw a higher number your chances of playing may decrease. 


Drawing time will be held at 1:45. If you are not present at drawing time and come later you may still be able to play but will be placed at the end after all the people who already have numbers.


We will try to accommodate everyone! Please remember that we are aLL VOLUNTEERS and this is a work-in-progress. It is a community event that we are providing to make Maui music heard. We reserve the right to make exceptions to the order at our discretion.


Please note: 

If you receive a spot and then cannot make the performance PLEASE let us know ASAP so that we can give your spot to another performer.

The event is an Music Showcase and not a jam session. This means you will be performing for 
15 minutes, including set up and tear down.


If you play guitar, keyboards, ukulele or any instrument you are fine. You can play solo or with someone you bring to accompany you.

If you play percussion, bass, horn, etc. you will most likely need an accompanist.


We do not have a house band to accompany you. There is no spot where you can just sit in.

Again, the Music Showcase is a performance not a jam. However, if you do not have an accompanist you may still be able to hook up with other musicians and play with them.

March 15th Performers:

If you receive a spot and then cannot make the performance PLEASE let us know ASAP so that we can give your spot to another performer.

Sal Pace

Michael Hebert

Mark White, Cathy Jo and Joe

Bryan Wade

Kelsey Edens

Billy Strong

Wesley Furumoto

Tom Calhoun

Bob Rigney




Musicians: There will be an amp in the green room - please test your acoustic guitar pickups, batteries, boxes, etc. before your performance. Or talk to Bruce about mic setup before your performance.


If you are on the Performers list:

You must arrive between 1:30 and 1:45.


Our rehearsal space in back is a very nice “green room” for the next act waiting to perform. If you are not the next act please sit in the main area and support the other musicians. Also, the pathway to get there goes right in front of the stage, so we ask you to be respectful of anyone performing and not cross in front of them during their act. Please wait until a song break or changeover happens to cross in front of the stage on your way to the back room. Thanks.


Tell your friends to come and see you perform! Let’s pack the house and enjoy everyone’s performance!


See you Sunday!

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